Friday, 18 May 2012

The Best Flight Experience

Flights Qantas

Qantas Airways always keep us updated with detailed information about their development. This includes their existing flights to significant locations and countries such as Vancouver, Singapore, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Adelaide, Sydney etc. You can also check on their flies to other destinations and you may also inquire about their different flight schedules. The name QANTAS stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services and it is also popularly known as the flying kangaroo. This airline’s main base is located in Sydney Airport. Furthermore, it is considered as Australia’s biggest airline. In addition, this airline was established in Queensland back country around 1920. Since then, it started to grow and improve and eventually became Australia’s biggest domestic and international air service. QANTAS is trusted by more and more people and it was regarded as one of the world’s top long distance air carrier.

Moreover, it is also known as Australia’s toughest brand. The airlines delighting service and commitment to customers greatly helped them in creating a name that is trusted due to its superiority in ensuring the safety of its passengers, its dependable and reliable operations, undisputed customer service and reputable engineering and maintenance services. The Qantas Group's primary goal is to transport its customers through the use of two integral airline brands namely Qantas and the Jetstar. Likewise, they also carry out secondary businesses comprising other air carriers and pursuits in authorized markets known as Qantas Holidays and Q Catering.

QANTAS air service operates and offers regional, domestic and international services. Its businesses extend to Qantas Freight Enterprises to Qantas Frequent Flyer. The airline company currently consists of about 36,000 employees wherein almost 95 percent of them are settled or residing within Australia. The airlines’ commitment to serve customers in a delighting and satisfying manner sets them apart from other air carriers around the globe. The name QANTAS seem to have caught the trust and heart of passengers who would like to travel safe, with much needed comfort and convenience.

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